Our Mission

I believe that food makes everyone agree when it comes to health and making all together around a table to celebrate or just eat because hungry.

So food is not just energy as calories for our body, but is magic when it creates an assembly of people eating the same food, laughing, playing and It is capable to create memories to share then in a future with others.

Then today, with technology food is the most subject captured in a camera, so it may catch the attention of people craving a color or a dish.

Food is straightly connect to the 5 elements: fire, water, wood, earth and metal and apply to the energy of physic and chemistry. Its complicated, but chefs simplified all of these in a plate.

For this reasons I am strongly firm on the idea that food is like a journey in the place where the ingredients come from. The products used to cook can tell you the history and the culture of that site, and flavors will talk about the climate, air, sun, soil.

Join me on my blog to discover more about Italy, his Regions, food and wine, olive oil, traditions, costumes and the wonderful heritage of this amazing country, which i love to call “cradle of Humankind”.