Schipano Fine Foods. This is the name of my company, a sole-proprietor business registered with my family name as warranty of quality, experience and history that Schipanos always put in all what they do.

The reason why I have chosen my last name it was just for pride, but to give a continuity to my work and Schipano could be the family name of a business.

The reason why fine foods, it was because I wanted to open a real store, actually a bakery, where people may come in and browse or buy the best handmade, highquality and Italian products in Town.

En fact, my first service has been a private pastry chef in a house at Lawrence and Avenue, from a client who I have met at work (I gave my business card and I spoke with Pascale about my passion and job, and she hired me). I was dreaming to bake night time and serve the GTA, bars and restaurant with my goodness.

Slowly I realized that it was harder getting a space as baker or pastry chef, specially as private pastry chef and I developed the idea to become a personal Chef able to caterer from the grocery to cooking, serving and cleaning up an event directly at your home. A journey made of flavors, genuinity and professionalism with an affordable price. An authentic experience in style and taste of Italy.

So I created my website, started to promoted and having people calling me. I became more conscious about the demand and I started to have bigger events as weddings. In Toronto the name Schipano Fine Foods was starting to broadcast.

I decided then to specialize in some niche and I just had in mind that for me it was going to be impossible to create or invent new recipes, but I wanted to learn more about the history, traditions, origins of any regional recipe, nonna recipe and any of italian house old has his own recipe.

I started study history of food, mediaval time, roman, greek, egiptian time and I began to remake recipe old 200 years, some even older and it was amazing to rediscover the forgotten tastes and flavors.

At this I have got in my family my mom diagnosed celiac. And I decided to dedicate my search to the gluten free world and developing recipes, balancing flours, and creating new mixes. And then the Vegan part. A fascinating word, a challenging field trying to make the same (or close) food without sacrifice the taste and the presentation, preserving the health and looking at the health as well.

After 6 years, now I can say that Schipano Fine Foods is maybe not a store, as many keep asking me, but it became A PLACE OF FOOD, HISTORY AND HEALTHY PRACTICES.


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