Orange Marmalade

From Epicure’s Almanac – Diary of good living – 1843

Take the pulp out of four dozen China and one dozen Seville oranges, mash until well together in a large pan, then abstract the pips.

Cut half the peel of the China, and all of the Seville, in small stripes; put these into a stewpan with the juice, and let it stand by a slow fire till the peel is quiet soft, wich will be in about four hours; then add four pounds pf loaf sugar, and boil until the sugar is perfectly dissolved, stiring occasionally.

Have gallipots ready, fill and cover with brandied paper, and tie down with bladder. Home-made marmalade ought not to cost more then eight pence a pot.

It’s wonderful and a quite surprising how easy and simple the recipe is kept. Whith just 3 ingredients, without artificials flavours, colorants, pectines, or any other tips or tricks used today in a small jar of jam.

Probably you may say that time was different, life less busy or less stressfull, in terms of time consuming it was a normal practise. But how many time we are just seating four hours on a sofa or eating junky food or drinking pops full of bad sugars?

So this 180 years ago wasnt happening..


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