Why hiring a personal chef?

Many of you may think that hiring a personal chef it will be expensive or too fancy. Others, maybe think that is not necessary because you are going to order food by tray at some hot table. But I want to explain you the reason why you definitely you should hire a personal chef.

First of all, costs will not be much higher than a caterer order, but if we consider the quality of food between a takeout and a cooking onsite, the difference it will be totally pro personal chef. Schipano Fine Foods knows this, thats why I decide to become a personal chef: all food has to be made from scratch, fresh, natural and with a reasonable price. Guarantying a high quality and professionalism.

Let see some main reason and why:

  1. Stress free. When you hire a personal chef, with a good experience, he will take care of your guests and event. He will deal and discuss with you about details and he will advice what’s better fit and what not for you occasion.
  2. Grocery. A personal chef knows the best spots around the city where to get the ingredients needed for the menu. He has connections all over the GTA or with farmers (where and when in season) purchasing fresh vegetables or fruit to satisfy all palates.
  3. Cooking from scratch. You will get all your food ready in your kitchen, backyard or wherever you decide to host you special event. He has tools and equipment necessary to handle you menu and get food ready, fresh and made right away, while you are enjoying the party and your guests.
  4. Tailored to your budget. Don’t be afraid to call Schipano Fine Foods, because Chef Luciano Schipano is well know for fitting all budgets, and he will give you the top expertise to get your event an unforgettable experience, because is not all about food, but experience. And a personal chef is a great experience to try out.
  5. Cleaning up. Of course, a personal chef will take care of your event from the grocery, the planning trough cleaning up the place before to leave. No leftover and not headache to store food.
  6. Liability Insurance. Not too many personal chefs have a liability insurance, but Schipano Fine Foods is a believer in professionalism and we offer a liability insurance to cover in full your event.

Are you still sure that a personal chef is not useful or cost too much money? Call today Schipano Fine Foods and get a free consultation.  Because we believe in food, and we do this with Amore (Love).. at the end is all about what we love to do the most: cooking for you.


Luciano Schipano


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